martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Marks - Inglés III (Enseñanzas para el Desarrollo Personal y la Participación)

(This is for internal communication to my students).
English III (Enseñanzas para el Desarrollo Personal y la Participación) :

No student has passed the course.

Marks - Inglés II (Enseñanzas para el Desarrollo Personal y la Participación)

(These are internal generic communications to my students).

Torrelaguna Group:

The following people have passed the course: Sandra Ch. L; Ana María de las H. G.; María José E. P; María Teresa L. de O.; Rocío R. M.

Cabrera Group:

The following people have passed the course: Iván M-L. M.; Iris M. M.; José Luis P. D.

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

Calificaciones N II (Secundaria) - Torrelaguna y La Cabrera

Nivel II (Secundaria) –La Cabrera-

Alumnos que han superado satisfactoriamente la “Convocatoria Extraordinaria de Junio” en el módulo de Lengua Inglesa del ámbito de “Comunicación”:

Irina R. A.

Lucía B. de la F.

-Nota: Alfredo G. no ha superado satisfactoriamente la convocatoria, sin embargo supera la parte de la lectura obligatoria, de la que ya no deberá examinarse en Septiembre.-

Nivel II (Secundaria) –Torrelaguna-

Alumnos que han superado satisfactoriamente la “Convocatoria Extraordinaria de Junio” en el módulo de Lengua Inglesa del ámbito de “Comunicación”:

Ángel V. G.

Para dudas sobre las calificaciones u otra que pudiera surgir, podéis acudir la semana que viene a las reclamaciones. Un saludo , enhorabuena a los que habéis aprobado y mucho ánimo a los que estáis todavía en ello.


domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Funny videos in English as promised

These are classical funny videos to enjoy and 'have a laugh':

On the first place I post what some of us have watched in class (thanks L. Vico): 'Dinner for one'

- It is a curiosity that this sketch has become a tradition in Germany, where up to half the population may see it every year, but it is almost totally unknown in Britain. It is also shown on New Year’s Eve in many other mainland European countries, particularly Nordic countries, and also screens on SBS in Australia. In Norway, however, it is shown every year on the evening of December 23. It is known as far away as South Africa where it is also broadcast on New Year's Eve. In Sweden, the show was put on hold for a period of six years, deemed "unsuitable" because of James's heavy drinking. However, the TV network then relented to popular demand and brought it back.

Although the sketch is most popular in non-English speaking countries, it is typically shown in the original English without dubbing or subtitles. It is easy to understand with even the most basic knowledge of English, which helps explain this point. The performance remains practically unknown to the English speaking world. Many people from Anglo countries are surprised when encountering fans' ability to quote dialogue, they themselves, however, seemingly rarely share in the enthusiasm. It has not been broadcast on TV in Britain within the last thirty years, possibly more.-

Catch phrase: “Same procedure as every year”
The line “Same procedure as every year” has become a very popular catchphrase in Germany, according to Tim Gruhl, the programme editor at the Hamburg-based television Channel NDR. The phrase “has made its way into everyday vocabulary, and even crops up in newspaper headlines and advertisements.”
German narrator Heinz Piper originally made a grammatical mistake in his introduction to the 18 minute version: He misquoted Warden’s line “Same procedure as every year” as “Same procedure than every year”. While the mistake appears to have gone unnoticed initially, it later prompted annual protest letters to the NDR, most notably from German teachers of English. The NDR eventually responded by editing the recording slightly, substituting a small bit of its audio track with audio recorded during one of the rehearsals. Thus, in 1988, the error had been edited out and Piper could be heard to correctly say “Same procedure as every year”. This in turn annoyed some purists who would rather respect the original.

This is a 'freak' version of 'Dinner for one', so you can realise how some people is spending time on incredible hobbies:

and many other hilarious videos:

Here the famous Mr. Bean in his sketch with the Christmas turkey ('Mr Bean wakes up Christmas morning' ):

'Monty Python - 'The Funniest Joke In The World' 

'The job interview - Monty Python'

'Spam' - Monty Python

 SPAM siginifica "Shoulder of Pork And Ham" (Hombro de Jamon y Cerdo), y es un producto de la empresa Hormel Foods Corporation, la cual creó ese alimento enlatado en los años 30. Y aun existe.
La acuñación del término se afianzó al parecer, con este sketch; es una marca de cerdo que en Inglaterra era popular y que era lo que comían los soldados en la Segunda Guerra Mundial en latas. A nadie le gustaba esta marca de cerdo, por lo que después de este sketch, cuando se inventó el mail le pusieron al nombre del correo basura 'spam' ya que es algo que nadie quiere.

Monty Python - 'Life Of Brian' (1979) - 'Biggus Dickus'

Monty Python - 'Life Of Brian' (1979) - 'Stoning'
 (Men pretending to be women, pretending to be men. Only Monty Python can do it )

'The tale of Sir Robin'  (Brave Sir Robin) - The knights of the square table -Monty Python

'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' - Three Questions
("What is the exact airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" -¿Cuál es la velocidad del aire exacta de una golondrina al vacío?)

Fawlty Towers: 'Fawlty Towers': Manuel's English - Comedy Greats - BBC 

Fawlty Towers: A biscuit with your rat? - 'Fawlty Towers' - BBC

Wallace & Gromit: 'Cracking Contraptions' - The Turbo Diner

V for Victory (British Comedy B Movies)  - A brief history of British humor actors from the past-


'Life of Brian'. 'Always look on the bright side of life' - Monty Python

sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

Tommy Douglas and the 'mice world'

Somebody has sent me an e-mail with this video about Tommy Douglas. It is very interesting because it sets some elements to think about... (Thinking is a necessary exercise for the brain ;-) ) I hope you enjoy it.

Note for my students in Inglés II (Enseñanzas para el desarrollo personal y la participación)in the Torrelaguna Group:

This is for my students in Inglés II (Enseñanzas para el desarrollo personal y la participación)in the Torrelaguna Group:

Dear Sara L. G. and Claudia B. R.,
I have received from 'Secretaría' your CEPA identification Card (Carnets del centro). I will give them to you in our next class session.

Rubén (Teacher)